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Cow-gratulations Grad

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Cow-gratulations Grad
Ingredients and Supplies
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Bake a 9"x13" cake and place on a foil-covered board. Thinnly ice cake with buttercream icing. Knead black food coloring into about 1/4 pound of the fondant, form into a ball and cover with plastic wrap. Roll out about 3/4 pound white fondant. Roll out the black fondant. Cut out cow spot shapes and very very lightly dampen center of one side of the black fondant shape. Place shape on the rolled out white fondant and carefully roll over fondant with black shapes. Cover cake with black spotted fondant and trim bottom. Twist ropes of white and black fondant together and attack to bottom of the cake with piping gel for bottom border. Write with tip #1, black icing. Place figurine on top of cake. Use any ceramic or plastic or candy-molded cow and make a grad cap on the cow.
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