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4th of July Hard Candy

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4th of July Hard Candy
Ingredients and Supplies
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Spray 3 molds with cooking spray (need 3 molds for each CK package of hard candy mix). Place 3 1/2" sucker sticks in each stick cavity. Prepare a batch of CK Hard Candy, adding flavor, color and 1/3 cup of water according to directions. Spray a funnel and it's stopper with cooking spray. Cover the hole in the funnel with the stopper. Place the funnel on a 2-cup measuring cup, glass or something to hold the funnel firm. When hard candy syrup has reached the proper temperature, pour into funnel with stopper over hole. Lift stopper and then cover hole to control amount of hot syrup needed to fill cavities in sprayed mold. Let candy cool room temperature. When candy has cooled, let fall gently from mold. Shown: red color with cinnamon flavor; white color with wintergreen flavor and blue color with blueberry flavor.
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  • Hard Candy Mix
    Hard Candy Mix
    Unit: 12 oz. bag
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  • White-White Icing Food Color
    White-White Icing Food Color
    Unit: 2 oz. bottle
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  • Sucker Sticks 3 3/4 x 1/8"
    Sucker Sticks 3 3/4 x 1/8"
    Unit: 50/pkg.
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  • Cinnamon LorAnn Super-Strength Flavor
    Cinnamon LorAnn Super-Strength...
    Unit: 1 dram
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  • Blueberry LorAnn Super-Strength Flavor
    Blueberry LorAnn Super-Strengt...
    Unit: 1 dram
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