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Gumpaste Sweet Pea

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Gumpaste Sweet Pea
Ingredients and Supplies
gum glue
26 guage wire
modeling tools
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Bud or Center of flower:
1.Roll out white gum paste the size of a large pea and form into a teardrop.
2. Flatten the sides slightly then with a x-acto knife make a slit sown the middle and just barley spread it apart.
3.Insert 26g wire into base and bend the top slightly backward.
4.Let dry.
5.Brush on orchid green powder food color around the base of the bud and then a pink on the center.

1.Roll gum paste thin on cornhusk vainer. Cut with the cutter that looks like wings. Using ball tool row the edges thin. Glue the center and attach to the bud to start forming a whole sweet pea. Bend the wings slightly forward. Let dry.
2.Roll gum paste thin on cornhusk vainer and cut the large petal out. Using ball tool row the edges thin then use frilling tool to frill the edge. Attach to the back of the center of the sweet pea with gum glue just on the bottom of the petal. Make petal stand up. Let dry.
3.Cut calyx from a light green gum paste. Roll edges very thin. Gum glue the center of calyx and attach to the bottom of the flower then roll the tips down.

1.Paint a green power food color or luster dust on base of bud and center of the flower.
2.Any luster dust color or powder food color can be used for the flower. Start at out side edge of the petal and brush towards the center.

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