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Gumpaste Primrose

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Gumpaste Primrose
Ingredients and Supplies
gum glue
26 guage wire
modeling tools
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1.Shape a piece of gum paste into a Mexican hat. Keep the center a nice point. Roll from the center out to thin the edges. Cut out the flower shape.
2.Using a cone tool make a hole in the center about half way down the center of the flower.
3.Turn the flower upside down and roll each side of the petal thin.
4.Turn flower right side up and curve the sides of each petal edge up slightly.
5.Make a hook on a 26g wire and dip in gum glue. Push it into the base of the flower just far enough to attach but not have the wire show in the hole.
6.Dip a flower stamen in gum glue and push into the hole so that it is just above the center of the flower.

1.Roll green gum paste very thin about ¾ x ½ in. in size. Cut small strips with x-acto knife about ¾ the way down into to look like a fringe. Gum glue and attach to the base of the flower. Curl the tips out just a little. The tips should just come to the bottom of the petals.

1. Use a darker yellow or soft orange of the center around the stamen. Color the petal tips with a darker yellow.

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