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Gumpaste Pansy

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Gumpaste Pansy
Ingredients and Supplies
gum glue
26 guage wire
modeling tools
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1.Make green gum paste and shape into a large pea then into a teardrop.
2.Use a 26gauge wire with a tight hook on one end and dip the hook into gum glue. From the bottom of the teardrop push the hook about half up.
3.Flatten the top of the teardrop and make 5 cuts into it. Pinch each one of these cuts to flatten. Turn it over and roll each cut with a small thinning tool or a toothpick to a nice long thin point. Let dry standing up in Styrofoam.

1.Roll yellow gum paste very thin then roll it on the cornhusk vainer and cut out 2 petals from the medium size cutter. With a ball tool roll the edges thinner. With gum glue attach one petal to the left top center of the calyx and the other to the right over lapping in the center. Let dry.
2.Cut and roll the smallest cutter the same as the medium cutter. Attach them to the center of the calyx one to the left and one to the right. Let set for a little while.
3.Do the same with the largest cutter except cut only 1 petal. After rolling edge thin with ball tool go around the edge again and to frill with a frilling tool. Attach with gum glue to center of calyx and have it hang straight down.
4.Roll a small piece of gum paste thin and cut to the length of 1/2x1/4 inch. Bend it to look like a U. Attach the U upside down in the center of the flower. Row the sides of the bottom petal inward just a little so that they just touch the U.
5.Paint on details with an edible marker, powder colors or gel colors thinned with water.

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