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Gumpaste Briar Rose

Idea gallery #825
Gumpaste Briar Rose
Ingredients and Supplies
gum glue
26 guage wire
modeling tools
yellow stamen
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1.Roll gum paste thin and cut out five petals with one size of cutter. With Mexican hat and thinning tool roll the top right side of the petal thinner then the left side leaving the center alone so that it looks like the top part of a heart. Lay petals in a flower former to dry.
2.Make a small pea of green gum paste and then form it into a teardrop. Dip 26g wire with a hook on one end into gum glue, from the bottom of the teardrop push the hook in and flatten the top. This is the base of the flower.
3.Color the dried flower petals with pink half way down to the center leaving the center white.
4.With gum glue attach each petal to the flower base.
5.Make center of flower with yellow gum paste formed into a small button. Gum glue the bottom and attach in the center on top of all the petals. Put small yellow stamens into the yellow gum paste around the outside edge.

1.Roll green gum paste thin and use a small calyx cutter. Roll the tips thinner then push it onto the wire from the bottom. Gum glue the center of the calyx and attach to the flower base while curling the tips down.

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