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Shades of Brown Father's Day Cake

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Shades of Brown Father's Day Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
9" x 13" cake
black, dark, medium and light brown fondant
black buttercream icing
father's day picks
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Cut cake in half width-wise, take one half and cut off 1/3 of rectangle so both new rectangles have 7 1/2" sides. Cover largest rectangle in dark brown fondant, medium rectangle in medium fondant and smallest rectangle in light brown fondant. (To create shades of brown start with dark brown fondant and add various amounts of white fondant to lighten it.) Cover 10" square board in black fondant and stack cake on top using your preferred stacking method. While black fondant on board is still soft emboss a line of stars along both sides. Use light brown fondant to make 4 thick stripes on bottom tier. Use medium brown fondant to cut out circles for sides of bottom tier. Use dark brown fondant to make two narrow stripes to go around top tier and to cut out letters DAD for middle tier. Use black fondant to cut out small stars for top tier and medium stars for middle tier. Trim bottom edge of each tier with black buttercream and insert father's day picks.
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