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Scarecrow and Pumpkin Cupcakes

Idea gallery #1327
Scarecrow and Pumpkin Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
standard size cupcakes
buttercream icing
orange food color
brown food color
flesh rolled fondant
orange rolled fondant
blue rolled fondant
yellow rolled fondant
light brown rolled fondant
black royal icing
piping gel
large round tip
small round tip
small leaf tip
3" round cutter
pastry bags
pastry wheel
parchment triangles
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Pumpkin - using a bag fitted with large round tip and orange buttercream, pipe full lines starting on the outside and moving toward the center of the pumpkin. Layer lines on top of each other. Use brown buttercream to pipe stem and leaves.

Scarecrow - ice cupcake with thin layer of buttercream. Roll flesh fondant and cut with 3" cutter; place on top of iced cupcake. Cut out eyes, nose, and mouth using appropriate colored fondant; attach to cupcake with piping gel. Roll light brown fondant very thin and cut a strip measuring 6" wide by 1" deep. Take scissors and cut 3/4" deep strips leaving 1/4" at top to hold to. Cut sections of 6" piece to attach to scarecrow for straw under his hat. Attach with piping gel then with your finger push strips up to look messy; do the same around the neck. Roll two pieces of yellow fondant into tiny ropes and twist them together to resemble a rope; attach to top of neck with piping gel. Roll orange fondant thin and cut a hat with a sharp knife or pastry wheel. Roll yellow and blue fondant to cut for patches; attach with gel. Carefully lay hat over straw attaching with piping gel. Detail stitches with small parchment bag filled with black royal icing.

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  • #806 (1A) Large Round 1/2" Opening Stainless Steel Tip
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  • Orange Americolor® Soft Gel Paste Food Color (Old # 41-8013)
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  • Chocolate Brown Americolor® Soft Gel Paste Food Color (Old # 41-8004)
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  • White Satin Ice Rolled Fondant Icing
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  • Fleshtone CK Food Color Gel/Paste
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  • Navy Blue Americolor® Soft Gel Paste Food Color (Old # 41-8034)
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  • Lemon Yellow Americolor® Soft Gel Paste Food Color (Old # 41-8007)
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  • Clear Write On Piping Gel
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  • #350 Leaf/Lily Petal Stainless Steel Tip
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  • Royal Icing Mix
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  • 12" Featherweight Decorating Bag
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  • Ravioli/Pastry Wheel
    Ravioli/Pastry Wheel
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  • Super Black Americolor® Soft Gel Paste Food Color (Old # 41-8001)
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