Pretzel Baskets

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Pretzel Baskets
Ingredients and Supplies
Melt white candy coating and put in squeeze bottle. Place a round pretzel on parchment paper. Squirt white coating from squeeze bottle onto parchment paper inside the pretzel. Cover bottom of pretzel but do not fill. Squirt a bit more white coating on top edge of round pretzel to "glue" a second round pretzel to the bottom pretzel. Cut a third round pretzel in half with a saw-tooth knife. Dip each end of the 1/2 pretzel into the fluid white coating in the bottom of the first pretzel and then "glue" to the second pretzel to form a handle. Fill with pastel fruit imperials.
Merckens White Vanilla Flavored Candy Coating
Merckens White Vanilla Flavore...
Unit: 1 lb. bag
Squeeze Bottle - 12 oz.
Squeeze Bottle - 12 oz.
Unit: 12 oz. bottle