Molded Bunny Cakes

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Molded Bunny Cakes
Ingredients and Supplies
  • baked bunny faces
  • white fondant
  • brown fondant
  • pink fondant
  • black fondant
  • gumpaste modeling tools
  • clay extruder
  • piping gel
  • small oblong cutter or pastry wheel
Roll a small piece of pink fondant very thin. Use small oblong cutter or pastry wheel to cut pieces for the inside of the ears. Brush ear cavity with piping gel; place pink fondant in ear cavity and secure with finger. Roll white or brown fondant to at least an 8" circumference. Lightly lay piece over bunny to mark where the inside of the ears will be. Cut ears out just as you cut pink fondant for inside of ears. Brush the bunny with piping gel and cover with piece of fondant. Gently press fondant onto cake. Using a small ball modeling tool, follow impressions on bunny made from the pan and smooth with finger. Use tool to make details on bunny face. Using black fondant and the clay extruder fitted with the disc with many holes, squeeze out the bunny's whiskers. Attach each whisker to the center of where the nose will be with piping gel. Roll small amount of pink fondant and attach with piping gel for the nose. Roll two small balls of black fondant for the eyes and attach with piping gel.
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