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Lamb Cake

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Lamb Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
8" hemisphere baked cake
white rolled fondant
Whimsy Swirl Texture Sheet
piping gel
pastry brush
large egg mold
rice treat sheet
black rolled fondant
pastry wheel or sharp knife
royal icing
wooden skewers
6" round cake board
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Fill egg mold with rice treats; packing them tightly. Remove molded treats and cover with royal icing making it as smooth as possible. Allow icing to dry completely. Brush cake with piping gel. Roll white fondant to desired thickness. Flip smooth rolled side on top of mat. Roll over the mat, one time. Lift mat and cover cake. Cut away excess fondant. Cut a 6" round cake board to fit the molded treat. Cut board 1/8" smaller than treat then attach molded treat to board with royal icing. Roll a piece of white fondant to cover molded treat. Roll a piece of black fondant and use the egg mold to shape and cut the mouthpiece; should measure about 3 1/2" tall. Attach piece to white fondant with piping gel. Roll two small balls of fondant for the eyes and attach with piping gel. Use royal icing to attach head piece to cake. Allow icing to dry. Roll black fondant thin and cut two 4 1/2" long ears. Attach to sides of head piece with piping gel or royal icing. For the legs, roll a rope of black fondant about 10" long and 1" in circumference. Use sharp knife and cut four pieces 2" long. Cut four skewers 3" long and place in to cake where you want the legs to go leaving 1 1/2" left for the legs to be placed. Push legs onto skewers.
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