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Lace Sugar Egg

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Lace Sugar Egg
Ingredients and Supplies
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Put 4 teaspoons water into a bowl. Stir in 2 cups sugar. Mold both parts of egg mold by packing the sugar mixture in the egg mold halves. Immediately place a cardboard on top of the mold and invert mold and cardboard. Lift off mold. When outside of egg parts harden and center is still soft (several hours, or 1/2 hour in 170 degree oven), hollow out hole (flat part of mold) and scrape insides as thin as possible with a sharp knife. Mold base and let set up (several hours). Color 1 teaspoon water with brown and yellow food color. dissolve completely and mix in 1/2 cup sugar. Mold cross. Allow 2 hours to harden or put in oven at very low temperature for about 15 minutes. Brush outside of an egg half with piping gel. Make a large lace piece with lace maker and rolled fondant, and attach to the outside of the egg with the piping gel. Make lace fit egg and trim off excess (it will not cover completely). Cover half of egg with hole and brushed with piping gel with lace piece, trimming edges and cutting out hole. Brush piping gel on egg stand and cover with lace piece. Trim off excess. Make flower lace pieces and attach (with piping gel) to front of egg, covering any places on the egg the large lace piece did not cover. With violet luster dust mixed with super pearl dust, brush over the lace on the three sugar pieces. With tip #233 and royal icing, pipe green "grass" inside back sugar egg half (without the opening) and place sugar cross on "grass". Pipe tiny roses and place on grass and on cross. Pipe rose leaves with tip #349. Make 4 mm pearls with bead-maker, rolled fondant and super pearl luster dust. Attach arround the back half edge of egg with piping gel bead. Make a bead of royal icing over the piping gel/bead and place the front egg half on the back half, letting pearls show at the seam. Make 3 mm beads with rolled fondant, bead-maker and super pearl dust and attach to opening at front of egg. Attach the lace/sugar egg to the stand with royal icing.
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