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He Is Risen Cake

Idea gallery #200
He Is Risen Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
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PREPARING THE CAKE: Bake a 6", 9" and 12" hexagon cake. Place the 12" cake on a 14" cake drum. Place the 6" cake on the 7" hexagon plate. Place the 9" cake on an 8" plastic plate. Thinly ice each cake with buttercream icing. Note: for a delicious tasting wedding cake, use pastry filling between the layers (raspberry is great with yellow, white or chocolate cake: lemon is great with yellow or white cake and bavarian cream is wonderful with chocolate cake. After icing has formed a crush, brush crusted icing with piping gel. Cover with rolled fondant, quickly while gel is still very sticky. Finish each cake completely before starting another cake. Push 4 plastic pegs cut the height of the pegs into the 12" cake for extra support, pushed into the cake at a place where the cake would be covered by the 9" cake. Attach pegs to the 8" plate and push plate holding the 9" hexagon cake into the 12" cake. Attach pegs to a second 7" hexagon plate and push plate into the 9" fondant-covered cake. MAKING THE BEADS: Make oval beads for the bottom border of each cake with oval bead-maker, rolled fondant and super pearl luster dust. Arrange rose beads around plastic hexagon plate that is on the 9" cake made with rose bead-maker, rolled fondant and super pearl luster dust. MAKING LETTERS: Melt a small amount of white candy coating with paramount crystals (just a few crystals to thin the candy coating). Put into a Squeezit Mold Painter with a plastic #2 tip. Fill in the letter cavities needed from calligraphy candy molds. Put mold into refrigerator for about a minute, or until set up. Do not leave in refrigerator too long or the thin candy would break. Let candy letters fall gently from mold onto a towel. Brush the letters with pink sparkle dust (mixed with super pearl dust to soften color). Put piping gel into plastic disposable pastry bag and cut a tiny hole at the point. Pipe a bit of gel on the sides of the cake as "glue" to attach the letters. MAKING THE FLOWERS: Make 45 white buttercream roses with tips #102, #103 and #104. Lift roses off flower nail with rose lifter onto a baking sheet. Place the baking sheet with the roses into the freezer. Make 50 petal flowers with tip #101, using a flower nail and making on parchment squares. Place each flower on a baking sheet and put in freezer. FINISHING THE CAKE: For the leaves, mix a bit of yellow food coloring with the green coloring to get a close match of color with the cake ornament. Stripe a parchment bag with green color and make leaves with tip #352. Arrange the flowers over the leaves, taking only one rose out of the freezer at a time and with a brush, dusting the tips with pink sparkle (mixed with super pearl luster dust to lighten), matching the top ornament. Take petal flowers out of the freezer, brushing a bit of African violet (mixed with super pearl to lighten) in the center of the flower. Pipe two white dots in the center with tip #1. Attach 6-3" pillars on the 7" hexagon plate which rests on the 9" cake. Place the other 7" cake onto the pillars. Set the matching cake top on the 6" hexagon cake.
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