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Cross with Flowers Cake

Idea gallery #327
Cross with Flowers Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
Cake baked in cross pan
Buttercream icing
1/2 pound white candy coating
Super pearl dusting powder
Piping gel
Rolled fondant
Royal icing
Food colors
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Bake cross cake in Pantastic cross pan. Trim the cross impression off the top of the cake. Ice with buttercream icing. Using same pan, mold with white coating, the top cross impression in the pan. Note: Because the top cross is so thin, after filling the cross with melted candy coating, let nearly set up room temperature. Then add more melted coating on the place where the vertical and horizontal meet to make the cross thicker at that point. Place in freezer. When hardened, carefully remove candy cross from Pantastic pan. Lay on cake where the cross impression has been trimmed off. Dust the cross with super pearl dusting powder. Border the cross cake and candy cross with strands of edible pearls made from the bead-makers, rolled fondant and super pearl dustiing powders, attached to the cake with piping gel. Top border-tip #16 with 4 mm beads; Easter lilies-tip 352 with stamen; jonquils-tips #104, 4, 1; apple blossoms-tips #101, 1; violets-tips #101, 1; stems-tip #2; leaves-tip #352.
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  • Royal Icing Mix
    Royal Icing Mix
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  • Cross Pantastic Plastic Cake Pan
    Cross Pantastic Plastic Cake P...
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  • Super Pearl Royal Pearl Dust (Replaces 43-1101)
    Super Pearl Royal Pearl Dust (...
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  • Bead Maker-4MM Silicone Mold
    Bead Maker-4MM Silicone Mold
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  • Bead Maker-6MM Silicone Mold
    Bead Maker-6MM Silicone Mold
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  • #1 Round Opening Plastic Tip
    #1 Round Opening Plastic Tip
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  • #4 Round Opening Plastic Tip
    #4 Round Opening Plastic Tip
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