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Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Idea gallery #831
Chocolate Easter Bunnies
Ingredients and Supplies
green candy coating
chow mein noodles
dark chocolate candy coating
easter baking cups
bunny candy mold
assorted ribbon colors
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Melt dark chocolate candy coating. Cut 3-D bunny mold into pieces and use clips to hold pieces together. Cut hole in bottom. Fill mold with dark chocolate. Keep mold upside down and place in freezer until set. Remove from mold and use sharp knife to scrape off any excess that leaked between the two pieces. Tie ribbon around bunny's neck. Melt green candy coating. Stir in chow mein noodles, so they are completely coated, but do not have excess dripping off. While noodles are still wet fill baking cups with noodles and place bunny on top of noodles.
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