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Chick and Lamb Cookie Pops

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Chick and Lamb Cookie Pops
Ingredients and Supplies
sandwich cookies
popsicle sticks
white candy coating
yellow candy coating
dark chocolate candy coating
orange candy coating
black fondant
stick pretzels
orange candy clay
mini egg candy mold
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Melt candy coatings. Mold lamb heads in mini egg-shaped candy mold. Dip one end of several pretzel sticks into dark candy coating and allow to dry. Dip 1/2" of one end of a popsicle stick into melted candy coating; white coating for a lamb and yellow coating for a chick. Carefully insert stick into the middle of the sandwich cookie. The candy coating will act as a "glue" if the cookie comes apart. Lay cookie down and allow coating to dry completely. Proceed to dip each cookie in the desired coating making sure cookie is completely covered; set aside and allow to dry. Remove mini eggs out of mold. Break off the dipped end of the pretzel sticks.

For chick: Take a small amount of candy clay and form the chick's beak and comb. Use a small pair of scissors to cut the beak in half and help make the points on the comb. Attach pieces to cookie with melted coating. Use orange candy coating to make the chick's legs and dark coating to give him eyes.>br>For lamb: Attach the mini egg to the front of the dipped cookie for the head. Using the black fondant, roll tiny balls for the eyes, cut leaf shapes for the ears, and form the lamb's mouth by using the candy mold. Attach all pieces with melted candy coating. Break the dipped end of pretzel sticks off and attach to the bottom of the cookie for the lamb's legs.

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