Bunny and Carrot Cake

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Bunny and Carrot Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
  • 12" round 2-layer cake
  • 7" round 2-layer cake
  • 14" round cake drum
  • 7" cake cardboard
  • baby blue rolled fondant
  • dowel rods
  • baby blue fondant
  • electric green food color
  • piping gel
  • carrot candy mold
  • green candy coating
  • orange candy coating
  • chocolate cookie crumbs
  • purple fondant
  • funky letter cutters
  • white fondant
  • green fondant
  • orange fondant
  • pink fondant
  • black fondant
  • candy apple stick
  • white gum paste
Ice cakes lightly with buttercream icing. Roll baby blue fondant to desired thickness and place over buttercream icing on both cakes. Place cakes on cake drum and prepare them for stacking using dowel rods. Place 7" on top of the 12" and secure. Mix electric green food coloring with one cup of buttercream icing. Use grass/hair tip to make grass along the bottom of both cakes and allow to crust. While waiting, make carrots from candy mold. Carefully brush piping gel onto the cake drum and the top of the 12" cake. Lay cookie crumbs on top of piping gel and lightly tap secure with finger. Cut off bottom of molded carrots and place in cookie crumbs using melted candy coating to secure. Place carrots randomly around both layers of cake. Roll purple fondant very thin and cut letters; attach to sides of cake with piping gel.
For bunny: All pieces are hand-molded. Mold ears one day before the rest of the body to ensure the ears are dry. Make the body by shaping a large ball of white gum paste to look like a chocolate kiss; flatten the top to make a flat surface. Place a wooden candy apple stick in the center of the 7" cake, leaving 2" out of the top. Gently place body of bunny over the top of the skewer; allowing the bunny body to rest on the top of the cake. Roll ropes of white gum paste and shape for the legs and arms. Attach to the bunny's body with piping gel or tylose glue. Mold head and attach ears to head while gum paste is still soft. Add details to bunny face. Allow body to dry before adding head.
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