Baby Chick Chocolate Coated Cookies

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Baby Chick Chocolate Coated Cookies
Ingredients and Supplies
  • cracked egg cookie cutter
  • white candy coating
  • yellow sanding sugar
  • chocolate transfer sheets
  • candy writer - brown
  • candy writer - orange
  • parchment triangles
Bake and cool cookies. Melt candy coating. Dip chick part of cookie in candy coating allowing excess coating to drip off. Lay on parchment paper and sprinkle damp coating with sanding sugar. Allow cookie to dry completely. Fill parchment cone with candy coating and cut medium sized hole in bottom of cone. Draw a cracked shell and fill it in with the parchment cone. Cut a piece of transfer sheet large enough to cover cracked shell and lay it over wet coating; smooth sheet with fingertip. Allow coating to set hard. Use candy writer to make an eye and a beak. Once all coating is dry and hard, pull transfer sheet off of coating.
Chick in Egg Cookie Cutter
Chick in Egg Cookie Cutter
Unit: 1
Merckens Super White Vanilla Flavored Candy Coating
Merckens Super White Vanilla F...
Unit: 1 lb. bag
Yellow Sanding Sugar
Yellow Sanding Sugar
Unit: 4 oz. jar
Orange Candy Writer
Orange Candy Writer
Unit: 1 5/8 oz. tube