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Mousse Cup with Filigree

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Mousse Cup with Filigree
Ingredients and Supplies
dark chocolate candy coating
chocolate mousse
whipped cream
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Melt dark chocolate candy coating and fill squeeze bottle. Line each cavity of dessert cup mold with chocolate and then quickly turn upside down to allow excess chocolate to drip out. Turn right side up and use spatula to scrape off excess chocolate around cavities. Place in refrigerator until chocolate is set. Gently flex bottom of cavity and use finger to lift dessert cup out of mold. Use #22 tip to pipe cup full of chocolate mousse. Use #22 tip to pipe swirl of whipped cream on top. Fill parchment cone with dark chocolate coating and cut small hole in tip. Fill in cavity of filigree mold. Allow chocolate to set in refrigerator and gently remove filigree piece with straight pin. Garnish mousse cup with finished filigree.
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