Mini Pomegranate Napoleans

Mini Pomegranate Napoleans

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  • 1 box Pepperidge Farm® Puff Pastry
Allow puff pastry dough to thaw. Cut in to 1 ½ to 2-inch disks. Bake at 400ºF until lightly browned, about 10 – 15 minutes. Cut in half lengthwise.

Mix dessert mix and cream cheese together until well combined. In a separate mixing bowl, whip heavy cream until cream forms stiff peaks. Gently fold whipped cream into cream cheese mixture. Set aside.

In a saucepan over medium heat, combine half-and-half, ¼ cup sugar and vanilla bean paste. In a bowl, whisk together egg yolks and remaining ¼ cup sugar until smooth. When cream mixture comes just to a boil, remove from heat. Whisk a small amount of hot cream into the egg yolk mixture, then pour egg yolk mixture into remaining hot cream and whisk until smooth. Return to medium heat and cook, stirring until mixture coats the back of a metal spoon. Remove from heat and stir in butter, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Spread thin layer of crème anglaise on puff pastry disk, spoon pomegranate filling on top. Repeat with second disk and then layer on top of first. Use a third disk on top. Dust with powdered sugar.

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