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Victorian Angel Cake

Idea gallery #304
Victorian Angel Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
non-stick cooking spray
several paint brushes
yellow rolled fondant
Angel Pantastic Pan
10" x 14" cake drum or board
buttercream icing
white rolled fondant
gum paste tools
super pearl dust
bead makers
piping gel
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A day ahead, spray handle part of fine brushes (at least 15). Roll out fondant thinly. With a pastry wheel, cut strips and wrap around wood part of brushes. These will be the angels hair.

Bake a cake in the Angel Pantastic Pan. Place on 10"x14" cake drum or board. Ice with buttercream icing. When crusted, brush piping gel on. Roll out rolled fondant and smooth over the top of the angel cake. Wash the same pan and spray the hair, sleeve, horn, face, and arm cavities in the Pantastic Pan with a cooking spray. Wipe out excess spray with a paper towel. Push rolled fondant firmly into the features. Gently pull out and brush face, wings, etc. With various colors luster dust. Use the gum paste tool with the shell-like shape to impress lines on the top part of angel's hair. Brush feet with champange luster dust. Brush the sleeve and the entire robe with super pearl luster dust. Make lace and beads with rolled fondant, super pearl dust and the lace and bead-maker molds. Gently pull rolled fondant spirals from wood of the brushes. Dust with yellow luster dust and super pearl. Attach the features, spirals (for hair) and lace and beads with piping gel. Make 6mm pearls with bead-maker, rolled fondant and super pearl dust and put around base for border.

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