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Tree and Presents

Idea gallery #172
Tree and Presents
Ingredients and Supplies
dark green candy coating
cocoa light candy coating
stackable pine tree chocolate candy mold
piping gel
edible confetti Christmas lights
rolled fondant balls
silver dust
gold dust
tiny ribbons and bow chocolate candy mold
white candy writer
green candy writer
red candy writer
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Mold tree with candy mold and dark green coating for the green part and cocoa light for the trunk. Mold one extra each of the two largest tree parts. With melted coating, attach a second-to largest piece to the "trunk part". Attach one of the largest parts next, then another of the largest part. Attach the remaining parts of the tree in gradual smaller parts. Brush piping gel over the green part of the tree. With tweezers, place edible confetti Christmas lights and rolled fondant balls covered with silver and gold dust which were made ahead and hardened, (the piping gel will hold them on). Center tree on serving plate.

With candy writers and bow mold, make bows. Set aside. Use dipping fork to dip peanut logs in melted cocoa lite. When set up, decorate dipped logs like presents with candy writers. Attach candy bows with melted coating from the candy writers. When set up, arrange the "gifts" around the tree.< /p>

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  • Stackable Pine Tree Chocolate Candy Mold
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  • Merckens Dark Green Vanilla Flavored Candy Coating
    Merckens Dark Green Vanilla Fl...
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  • Merckens Cocoa Lite Milk Chocolate Flavored Candy Coating
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  • Piping Gel
    Piping Gel
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  • Red Candy Writer
    Red Candy Writer
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  • Dark Green Candy Writer
    Dark Green Candy Writer
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  • White Candy Writer
    White Candy Writer
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