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Sparkly Christmas Tree

Idea gallery #592
Sparkly Christmas Tree
Ingredients and Supplies
sugar cookie dough
royal icing
green sanding sugar
rainbow sugar pearls
brown food coloring
green food coloring
tree cookie cutter
parchment triangles
perfection strips
rolling pin
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Bake and cool cookies. Mix-up royal icing using the package instructions. After the royal icing has been mixed, divide the mixture into two containers and cover with wet towel. Add a small amount of water to each batch until it us just barely fluid, NOT watery. Color each container brown and green. For each color put icing in parchment cone and cut very small hole in tip. Outline desired area for tree in green and quickly fill in section. After green has hardened pipe brown stump. After entire tree is hard use green icing to pipe delicate swirls. Quickly pour green sanding sugar over swirls and then turn upside down to tap off excess. Finish decorating by attaching sugar pearls with small dots of royal icing.

Sugar Cookie Recipe

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