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Sour Fruit Christmas Pencil Pops

Idea gallery #522
Sour Fruit Christmas Pencil Pops
Ingredients and Supplies
1 package hard candy mix
1/3 cup water
Red food coloring
3/4 teaspoon cherry concentrated flavor
1 1/2 teaspoons Tart And Sour Flavor Booster
funnel w/stopper
non-stick cooking spray
Christmas hard candy mold
pencil pops
measuring cup
candy thermometer
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Spray funnel and stopper with cooking spray. Place in a 4-cup glass measuring cup or bowl to hold funnel. Use stopper to plug hole in funnel. Spray two hard candy/cookie molds #8H-4254 with cooking spray. Place Pencil Pops (plastic pieces to hold pencils) in proper places in each mold. The stick part goes up, into where the syrup will be poured. The barrel part should be down and will hold the pencil. Set aside. Stir together hard candy mix and 1/3 cup water in small heavy pan. Put lid on pan and let come to rolling boil. Remove lid and put candy thermometer in syrup. When syrup reaches 250 degrees, stir in food coloring. When syrup reaches 295 degrees, remove syrup from heat and allow syrup to go down to 280 degrees. Stir in flavor and flavor booster, then quickly pour into funnel. Fill mold cavities by lifting stopper up and down to release and stop hot syrup as mold cavities are being filled (be sure and cover the stick part of the Pencil Pop with syrup. Allow suckers to cool completely, then let the suckers fall from mold. Fit candy cane pencils onto the Pencil Pops by twisting the Pencil Pops onto the eraser part of the pencil until the Pencil Pop clicks into place and feel firm on the pencil. Note: Use any fruit-flavored concentrated flavor or oil and matching food coloring.
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