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Single Serving Shaped Pie

Idea gallery #285
Single Serving Shaped Pie
Ingredients and Supplies
pie crust dough
copper cookie cutter
cookie sheet
parchment paper
cherry pie filling or filling of choice
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Roll out pie dough and cut out any shape from large copper cookie cutter. Set aside. Place copper cutter on cookie sheet. Roll out pie dough and fit into bottom and sides of copper cutter. Squirt cherry pastry filling (or any pastry filling) into pie dough-lined cutter. Mix 1 whisked egg with a dash of salt and one tbsp. of water. Use as a glue to attach the cut-out shaped top to the dough lining the cookie cutter. Bake at 400ยบ degrees until golden brown. Reduce heat if it seems to be browning too quickly. Let cool. Attach eyes and confetti heart mouth with piping gel. Slide on serving plate.
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