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Santa Turtles

Idea gallery #174
Santa Turtles
Ingredients and Supplies
cocoa lite candy coating
turtle candy mold
squeeze bottle
parchment paper
white candy writer
red candy writer
green cancy writer
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Melt Cocoa Lite. Line turtle mold: Fill squeeze bottle with melted candy coating (may cut the tip of the lid a bit for ease in filling). Squeeze the melted candy into a clean, dry turtle mold cavity. Start at top rim, making sure the entire cavity (including the sides) is covered with the coating. Continue filling all the mold cavities this way. Turn the mold over and dump the excess candy onto parchment paper. Dumped candy may be remelted. Invert the mold and use a spatula to scrape all excess candy off the surface of the mold until the top rim of the cavities appears neat. Let candy set up at room temperature. Cut a small piece of caramel to fill 1/2 of the lined mold. Shape and press into lined mold. Press pecans on top of the caramel, enough to nearly reach the brim. With melted coating in squeeze bottle, squeeze candy over the caramel and nuts, starting at the outer edge of cavity to insure proper sealing. Place in freezer. When the mold is cloudy and the candy feels cold, invert the mold and the candy will drop from the mold. Pipe Santa hats on the turtles with candy writers. Place in specially made box.
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    Squeeze Bottle - 12 oz.
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