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Santa Cookie Bouquet

Idea gallery #182
Santa Cookie Bouquet
Ingredients and Supplies
sugar cookie dough
long sucker sticks
parchment triangles
fine brushes
lemon oil
gold luster dust
silver luster dust
assorted food coloring
Christmas cookie cutters
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Roll out at least 3/8" thick dough. Carefully twist and push 11 3/4" sucker sticks into each cookie before baking. The stick should go from the bottom of the cookie to about 3/4 length of the cookie. Bake. Make picture (flow) icing following the directions for flow icing on royal icing mix package. Color the flow icing desired colors. Ice the cookies. Allow several hours for royal icing to harden. When icing has hardened, paint details with a fine brush and additional "flow" icing in appropriate colors. Details may also be piped on with flow icing and parchment paper with a tiny hole cut.

In some cases, metallic colors may be desired, such as Santa's gold belt and parts of the sleigh.
For the belt: First make the belt with flow icing. Allow several hours for belt to harden. Then mix lemon oil with super gold dust to make a paint and paint over the buckle.
For sleigh: Make the flow icing gray and decorate the blades of the sleigh. Once hardened, mix lemon oil with silver dust and paint silver over the blades.

Sugar Cookie Recipe

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  • Super Gold Designer Luster Dust (Replaces 43-1233)
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  • 15" Parchment Triangles
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  • Sucker Sticks 11 3/4 x 11/64"
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  • Lemon LorAnn Super-Strength Oil
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