Nutter Butter® Mice Cookies

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Nutter Butter® Mice Cookies
Ingredients and Supplies
  • Nutter Butter® cookies
  • one pound cocoa lite candy coating
  • white candy writer
  • royal icing eyes
  • cinnamon red hots
  • parchment paper
  • green chocolate covered sunflower seeds
Melt candy coating. Using a dipping tool, cover Nutter Butter® with candy coating and place on parchment paper to dry. Do this with all the cookies. Let the coating dry completely before decorating. Prepare candy writer as directed. Make a swirly spiral tail on one end of cookie. Towards the middle, make symmetrical C-shapes for ears. Using the candy writer, make two small dots where you would like the eyes to be and lay royal icing eyes on top of dots. Make a small dot for the nose and attach cinnamon red hot.

One pound of coating yields approximately 25 mice.

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