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N-O-E-L Cupcakes

Idea gallery #625
N-O-E-L Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
cake mix
dark chocolate coating
red candy writer
green candy writer
buttercream icing
alphabet chocolate candy mold
pastry bag
large round piping tip
squeeze bottle
cupcake liners
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Bake cupcakes according to recipe instructions and allow to cool. Fill pastry bag fitted with #2A with white buttercream icing. Pipe a swirl on each cupcake. Use a letter candy mold to make chocolate letters. Begin by melting candy writer and filling squeeze bottle with melted dark chocolate. Use the candy writer to fill in just the letter portion of the mold. Allow the colors to set; then fill in the rest of the mold with the dark chocolate. Put in freezer and allow to harden. Release chocolates by gently flexing mold. Place a chocolate letter on top of each buttercream swirl.
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