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Gingerbread Dog House

Idea gallery #746
Gingerbread Dog House
Ingredients and Supplies
gingerbread dough
royal icing
texture mats
green food coloring
silicone mat
rolling pin
pastry wheel
tip #233
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Roll gingerbread dough out on silicone mat to desired thickness. Lightly spray texture mat with cooking spray and wipe off excess. Place texture mat (brick is used in picture) on top of dough and roll over firmly once with rolling pin. Cut out desired pieces to create house. Remove excess dough and bake on silicone mat without moving pieces. Allow to cool and assemble house with royal icing. Use royal icing tinted green and a #233 tip to pipe grass all over surface of board. Place house on board while grass is still wet. Use fondant to hand mold accessory pieces for dog house.

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