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Christmas Break Apart Bar

Idea gallery #169
Christmas Break Apart Bar
Ingredients and Supplies
yellow candy writer
red candy writer
dark green candy writer
white candy writer
milk chocolate candy coating
Christmas break-up mold
tiny crisp rice
gold square box insert candy box
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Using candy writers, fill in details of the break-apart mold. Melt 1 pound milk chocolate candy coating. Stir in 1/2 bag tiny crisp rice. When the details have set up in the mold, spoon the candy coating/crisp rice mixture into the mold, over the painted details. Put mold in freezer. When set up, let candy fall from mold. For a nice gift idea, put break-apart candy square into the specially-made box.
Matching Images
  • Yellow Candy Writer
    Yellow Candy Writer
    Unit: 1 5/8 oz. tube
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  • Red Candy Writer
    Red Candy Writer
    Unit: 1 5/8 oz. tube
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  • Dark Green Candy Writer
    Dark Green Candy Writer
    Unit: 1 5/8 oz. tube
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  • White Candy Writer
    White Candy Writer
    Unit: 1 5/8 oz. tube
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  • Merckens Cocoa Lite Milk Chocolate Flavored Candy Coating
    Merckens Cocoa Lite Milk Choco...
    Unit: 1 lb. bag
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  • Tiny Crisp Rice
    Tiny Crisp Rice
    Unit: 4.5 oz. bag
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  • Christmas Break-Up Bar Chocolate Candy Mold
    Christmas Break-Up Bar Chocola...
    Unit: 1
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  • Square Gold Insert Candy Box with Clear Lid
    Square Gold Insert Candy Box w...
    Unit: 1 box / 3 pcs.
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