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3D Cookie Christmas Tree

Idea gallery #1232
3D Cookie Christmas Tree
Ingredients and Supplies
cookie tree kit
favorite cut-out cookie recipe
buttercream icing
icing color
edible glitter
decorations of choice
large leaf tip
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Bake two of each cookie in the tree kit. Starting with the largest cookie, frost with buttercream icing and stack cookies from largest to smallest offsetting each cookie from the previous one. Leave one of the smallest cookies for your tree topper; this one will be the star on top of your tree. Once your tree is assembled, using large leaf tip, pipe leaves on the corners of each star cookie. Sprinkle tree with edible glitter. Frost the littlest star with buttercream icing and dip in sanding sugar. You made need to pipe a few more leaves on top of your tree to hold your star then place star perpendicular to the top star on your tree.
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