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Vanilla Caramel Peanut Mounds

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Vanilla Caramel Peanut Mounds
Ingredients and Supplies
1 pound Cocoa Lite Candy Coating, melted
1/2 cup salted peanuts, chopped
1 recipe fondant candy center, prepared
1 teaspoon Velvet Cream 2 Fold Vanilla
1 pound Peter's Caramel
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Mix fondant according to package instructions. Knead in flavoring. Form 3/4 inch balls and slightly flatten. Cut pieces of caramel a form similar size and place on vanilla candy center. Dip candy centers into chocolate and place on parchment or directly into candy cup. Mix peanuts with the remaining chocolate. Spoon peanut mixture on top of dipped fondant mounds. Allow to set completely.
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  • Dry Fondant Powdered Mix
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