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Cherry Mice

Idea gallery #414
Cherry Mice
Ingredients and Supplies
milk chocolate candy coating
1 pound dry fondant
2 tablespoons milk
6 Tablespoons butter
sliced almonds
long stemmed cherries
chocolate kisses
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For each mouse, mold a kiss with milk chocolate candy coating and the kiss mold. Set aside. Scald milk with butter. Stir in 1 pound dry fondant. Wrap fondant mixture around drained long stem cherries. Dip covered cherries into melted candy coating. Place on parchment paper. Attach the made-ahead kisses to the dipped cherries. Slide 2 sliced almonds between the kisses and the cherries for the mouse ears. With a fine brush, dot two eyes with melted candy from a dark brown candy writer on each mouse. Note: The long stemmed cherry may be dipped without the fondant covering if desired.
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