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The Shelf Life of a Truffle

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The Shelf Life of a Truffle
Ingredients and Supplies
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There are many factors that determine the shelf life of a truffle. Never use whipping cream where the “best used by” date has passed (the father away the better). Gently fold the cream into the chocolate when blending. Too much whipping will encourage more air to be incorporated, resulting in a shorter shelf life. ?Truffles that are dipped or molded will have a longer shelf life than the truffle sandwiches. Generally, dipped and molded truffles will last 10-14 days. Truffles that are not enrobed, such as truffle sandwiches, will last only 3-5 days. Keeping truffles in the refrigerator will extend their shelf life, however; condensation may form on the chocolate.

Information and image taken with permission from Autumn Carpenter's Book, All About Candy Making. All rights reserved.

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