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Preparing Cake Pans

Idea gallery #491
Preparing Cake Pans
Ingredients and Supplies
pastry brush
cake pan, 2" deep
pan grease
magic cake strips
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With a pastry brush, coat pans generously with pan grease. For best results, use 2" deep, heavy pans with straight sides rather than with wider tops than bottoms. Specially made commercial fabric strips prevent cakes from baking too quickly on the sides, thus avoiding a domed cake center. Thoroughly wet strips, squeeze out excess water, and then fasten desired length around outside of pan.
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  • Pan Grease
    Pan Grease
    Unit: 14 oz. tub
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  • 8" and 9" Round Magi-Cake Strips
    8" and 9" Round Magi-Cake Stri...
    Unit: 2/pkg.
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