Edible Lace Pieces

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Edible Lace Pieces
Ingredients and Supplies
Beautiful edible lace adds a stunning effect on a cake.

1. Brush edible dust onto the large part of lace-maker if desired.
2. Roll out fondant or chocolate paste quite thin (1/8"). If fondant or chocolate paste seems sticky, knead in some powdered sugar or mixture of powdered sugar and corn starch.
3. Lay fondant over large part of lace-maker. Press gently with fingers.
4. Lay smaller part of lace-maker over fondant. Make sure it matches the bottom part. Press firmly into place.
5. Use rolling pin to roll firmly over lace maker.
6. Pull extra fondant from edges.
7. Remove top part of lace maker. Use fingers to push uneven edges back into bottom. Put top part of lace-maker back on and press edges with fingers.
8. Remove top. Turn lace-maker over and flex back while lace falls out of lace maker. Note: If fondant sticks to mold, knead in a bit more powdered sugar.< /p>