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Covering a Cake with Rolled Icing

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Covering a Cake with Rolled Icing
Ingredients and Supplies
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Prepare artificial cakes or cakes from cake mixes using whole eggs to be covered with a thin coating of buttercream. When icing forms a crust, brush piping gel over buttercream. Before removing the fondant from its container make sure all utensils and counters are clean and dry. Knead the fondant. Roll out fondant on a table sprayed with cooking spray and dusted with 50% powdered sugar and 50% corn starch. Shift the fondant often so it does not stick to the table. Do not turn fondant over after beginning to roll it out. Roll fondant out to approximately 1/4" thickness. Lift fondant and place gently over the cake. *After rolling Choco-pan, use a thin, flat object to loosen choco-pan from the surface. (A metal yard stick works well.) Then slide a clean cake board under the choco-pan and lift. Rub the top of the cake firmly and gently by shifting your hands down over the edge to the sides, rubbing in a smooth back and forth motion, taking care not to stretch the fondant downwards. Gently ease the fondant to the side of the cake, by lifting and smoothing, taking care to avoid creases. Cut off any excess at the base with a sharp knife or a mini pizza cutter. Be careful not to cut too close to the cake. Round out the cut bottom edge of the fondant gently with your hand.
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