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I'm 1 Cookies

Idea gallery #1539
I'm 1 Cookies
Ingredients and Supplies
2 3/4" and 3" circle cutter
yellow rolled fondant
orange rolled fondant
light blue rolled fondant
piping gel
funky number cutter
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Roll and cut all colors of fondant with 3" cutter you used to cut-out cookie dough. Using 2 3/4" cutter, cut more circles in all colors. Use the 2 3/4" cutter to cut out the center of the 3" cutters. Brush cookie top with piping gel and place 2 3/4" circle in the center of cookie. Take 3" circle and place around the 2 3/4" circle and lightly blend together with finger. Using number cutter, cut out the number 1 in all three colors; attach to top of cookie with piping gel.
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