Birthday Party Hat Cupcakes

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Birthday Party Hat Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
  • standard size cupcakes
  • birthday hat icing lay-ons
  • gift icing lay-ons
  • buttercream icing
  • gumpaste
  • teal food color
  • red food color
  • orange food color
  • lime food color
  • light pink food color
  • round decorating tip
  • pastry bag
A day or two before you want to bake the cupcakes, color gumpaste to match the colors on the sugar lay-ons. Use a scallop round cutter to cut the outside piece. Use a smooth round cutter to cut an inner circle out of the scallop piece. Choose another color to cut a smooth circle and lay in the middle of the scallop piece. Smooth circle down inside the scallop piece to mesh together. Allow pieces to dry for a day or two. Repeat this process until you have enough pieces to top each of the cupcakes.

Color buttercream light pink and fill pastry bag fitted with round decorating tip. Pipe icing onto cupcake coiling the icing to the center.

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