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Candied Flowers

Candied Flowers

Idea gallery #1009
  • 1 egg white-dried egg white (is best)
  • 3-6 drops water
  • superfine sugar
  • flower
Lightly beat the egg white with water. Dip a brush into egg white and gently paint the flower or petal. Cover the flower completely with the egg white, but not so that it is dripping. Sprinkle sugar evenly on both sides. Separate petals with a toothpick. Place the flowers on parchment paper to dry. Allow the flowers to dry completely and to be free of moisture (12-36 hours). Store the dried, candied flowers in an airtight container for up to a year.

Suggested Flowers: Violets, begonias, pansies, Johnny-jump-ups, rose petals, lilacs, pinks, geraniums.

Recipe and image taken with permission from Autumn Carpenter's Book, All About Candy Making. All rights reserved.