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Sweet Little One Cake

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Sweet Little One Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
9" x 13" cake
pastel blue fondant
6" x 4" square cake
pastel yellow fondant
baby keys cutter set
gum paste
clay extruder
baby blocks
gumpaste baby bootie cutter
buttercream icing
orange color
purple color
green color
letter cutters or stencils
small hole round tips
royal icing
piping gel
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Color small amounts of gum paste in orange, green, and purple to cut keys. Using white gum paste and large hole, extrude a rope to be used to put the keys on. Roll and cut keys; allow to dry. Cut baby bootie, assemble, and allow to dry. Extrude two small ropes for laces of booties and lace booties. Using a small round tip and royal icing, outline booties Cover 9" x 13" cake with pastel blue fondant then cover 6" cake with pastel yellow fondant. Place 6" cake on larger cake; attaching with a small amount of buttercream. Place a dowel rod down the center of the 6" to secure. Attach booties to top of 6" cake with piping gel. Attach cut-out letters to side of large cake. Using a round tip, pipe a bead border around both cakes. Attach baby blocks with piping gel and lay keys on top of cake.
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