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Baby Face Cupcake

Idea gallery #1447
Baby Face Cupcake
Ingredients and Supplies
standard size cupcakes
rolled fondant
3" cutter
buttercream icing
large decorating tip
clay extruder
bow mold
tylose glue
petal dust
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Roll fondant thin. Cut out a circle using a 3" cutter. Pipe buttercream icing onto cupcake using a #2A tip. Place fondant circle over iced cupcake and gently press to secure. Use the back side of a large decorating tip to make eyelid impressions and a clay extruder using fondant to make hair. Make fondant bow using silicone mold or candy mold. Hand form the fondant nose and pacifier. Attach fondant pieces using tylose glue. Lightly brush cheeks with petal dust.
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