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Baby Christening Gown

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Baby Christening Gown
Ingredients and Supplies
gown cutter set
white fondant
rolling pin
Sugarveil lace mat
foam former or cookie sheet
cotton balls
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Make one full sheet of lace and allow to dry. Cut the edge of the lace off to make trim pieces then cut out the doilies from the center. Set pieces aside.

Roll fondant very thin. Cut gown pieces. Brush the back side of the doilies with a small amount of water and attach to the gown. Brush the bottom of the gown with water and attach a long trim piece. Brush the round opening of the neck piece with water and attach a long trim piece. Fold neck piece in half and attach to the gown using a light brush of water. Use cotton balls to hold ruffles in place on the neck piece. Place gown on a foam flower former or cookie sheet to dry. Once dry, remove cotton balls from neck piece.

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