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Baby Buggy Cake

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Baby Buggy Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
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Using Pan as a pattern, cut cardboard slightly bigger than pan and cover with foil. Bake one cake mix in Pantastic Pan and place, impression side up, on foil-covered cardboard. Ice sides and top (ice buggy and bird with thinned buttercream so details still show up well) with buttercream icing using 11" and 8" angled spatulas. Color icing grey (for grey, add a bit of black color to white icing) and outline buggy and bird with tip #2, grey icing. Fill in bird and buggy with tip #15 stars and appropriate colored icings. Pipe top border with tip #15, white icing and tip #16, green icing. Place icing eye on bird.
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  • Baby Buggy Pantastic Plastic Cake Pan
    Baby Buggy Pantastic Plastic C...
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  • 16" Round Cake Cardboards
    16" Round Cake Cardboards
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  • Royal Icing Eyes - 3/16" Assorted Colors
    Royal Icing Eyes - 3/16" Assor...
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  • #2 Round Opening Stainless Steel Tip
    #2 Round Opening Stainless Ste...
    Unit: 1
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  • #16 Open Star Plastic Tip
    #16 Open Star Plastic Tip
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  • 12" Featherweight Decorating Bag
    12" Featherweight Decorating B...
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  • #1000 Standard Coupler
    #1000 Standard Coupler
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  • 8" Angled/Tapered Icing Spatula
    8" Angled/Tapered Icing Spatul...
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  • 11" Straight Icing Spatula
    11" Straight Icing Spatula
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