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A Star is Born

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A Star is Born
Ingredients and Supplies
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Using the star pan as a pattern, cut star out of waxed cardboard. Bake one layer 12" cake and 1 layer star cake. Place 12" cake on cake drum and star cake on waxed cardboard star. Thinnly ice the round cake and star cake with buttercream icing. Brush the 12" cake with piping gel. Cover 12" cake with approximately 1 pound rolled fondant. To get speckled effect, hold airbrush or food spray, blue coloring, about a foot away from the cake and spray. Color about 1 pound rolled fondant light yellow. Roll out and cut out 43-1 1/4" stars; 1-3" star and 20-1/2" stars. Set aside. Cover the star cake with piping gel and cover with yellow fondant. Set on the 12" cake. Make beads with beadmaker and yellow rolled fondant. Attach to the base of the star with piping gel. When stars harden, place at the base of the 12" cake. Pipe "A Star Is Born" on the 3" star with tip #1, light blue icing and place on the cake. Place the Cow Jumped Over The Moon Decoration on the cake.
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