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Golden Anniversary Tiered Cake

Idea gallery #1146
Golden Anniversary Tiered Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
6" and 8" cakes
ivory rolled fondant
gold spray
yellow sugar pearls
50 topper
pearl spray
piping gel
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Cover 6" and 8" cakes with ivory fondant. Tape several 4" cardboards together and cover with gold foil. Stack cake as normal, adding supports under cardboard and placing 6" on top of cardboards. Thinly roll fondant. Dust lace border will pearl spray. Lay fondant in lace maker and press in. Lay top part of lace-maker over fondant and press firmly in place. Roll over lace-maker with rolling pin and neaten the edges. Remove top piece and flex lace-maker to remove piece. Make several pieces using the same process. Spray each piece with gold spray. Brush piping gel along base of both tiers. Apply lace points up on bottom tier and points down hanging over edge on second tier. Roll out fondant and use large flower cutter to cut top piece. Spray with gold spray and place on top. Run small bead of piping gel along base of bottom tier, along top edge of lace on 6" and around petal cut-out on top. Carefully place yellow sugar pearls in all these places. Insert 50 on top.
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