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Chocolate Wrap Cake

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Chocolate Wrap Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
6" and 8" cakes
dark chocolate candy coating
chocolate buttercream
chocolate ganache
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Ice 6" and 8" cake in chocolate buttercream. Cover with chocolate ganache. Allow ganache to set and stack cake using preferred method. Melt dark chocolate candy coating and put in squeeze bottle with small hole. Cut acetate strip to length of diameter of each cake. Drizzle acetate quickly with swirls of chocolate. Before chocolate is completely set wrap around side of cake. Repeat with second tier. Pile strawberries on the top of 2nd tier.
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  • Merckens Cocoa Dark Chocolate Flavored Candy Coating
    Merckens Cocoa Dark Chocolate ...
    Unit: 1 lb. bag
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  • 4" Tall Cake Collar
    4" Tall Cake Collar
    Unit: 10/pkg.
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  • Squeeze Bottle-8 oz.
    Squeeze Bottle-8 oz.
    Unit: 8 oz. bottle
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