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Number 1 Dad Tie Cake

Number 1 Dad Tie Cake

Idea gallery #1191
  • 8" square cake
  • lime green, green, blue rolled fondant
  • green airbrush color
Cover 8" square cake with lime green rolled fondant. Roll out blue fondant and impress with argyle texture sheet. Pour a small amount of green airbrush color on a blank, clean stamp pad, blot off excess. Gently wipe stamp pad on top of fondant so that color touches the raised portion of the design only. Create a template if desired and use a pastry wheel to cut out tie shape. Attach tie to cake with water if necessary. Hand shape knot at top. Repeat process of texturing and coloring blue fondant and cut 4 strips about 1" tall. Apply to bottom edge of each side. Use pastry wheel to cut out diamond from argyle pattern and attach at each corner to cover seams of ribbons. Use Cricut Cake machine with green fondant to cut out #1 Dad text for cake and attach with water if necessary.