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Ingredients, Icing, Colors, and Flavors

  • Candy Centers, Crunches, Caramel, and Fillings
    Browse a large selection of baking and candy making ingredients. Find candy crunches and bars for quick and easy candy making. Choose from the pre-made candy centers, or buy dry fondant to make your own. We carry top quality Peter's brand caramel. A variety of pastry fillings is available to use as cake fillings or as chocolate centers.
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  • Dusting Powders
    Shop a large assortment of dusting powders both FDA approved and not approved. Choose from over 150 shimmer, pearl, and matte colors. Find vibrant, rich colors to pale, muted colors and everything inbetween. Brush colors on with a dry brush for a softer look, or mix with clear alcohol for heavier color.
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  • Flavorings, Extracts, and Emulsions
    We have a large selection of flavors and extracts for any application. Flavor emulsions and extracts are perfect for cooking and baking. Candy makers will love our variety of concentrated flavors and oils that can be used in chocolate. We carry a variety of high quality, pure vanillas.
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  • Food Color
    Browse hundreds of rich and vibrant colors from well-known brands like Americolor, Chefmaster, and Crystal Colors. We carry a variety of gel, oil-based, and powder food colors. Find food color paints and edible food markers. For those who have airbrush machines, we carry many colors of liquid food color.
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  • Gourmet and Specialty Food
    We carry a selection of gourmet and specialty food items and mixes. Your family will love the gourmet popcorn and seasonings from Wabash Valley Farms. Cheeseball, dip, and soup mixes from Wind & Willow make entertaining easy. Pre-made gingerbread houses are likely to become an essential part of your Christmas traditions.
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  • Icing
    We offer a great selection of icing at competitive prices. Shop fondant in many colors and flavors from top brands like Satin Ice and Fondx. Try our popular buttercream icing available in several sizes. Find gum paste, royal icing, modeling chocolate, and more.
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  • Miscellaneous Ingredients
    We carry various hard-to-find ingredients and supplies. Candy makers will find cocoa butter, isomalt, hard candy mix, and gelatin. Cake and cookie decorators: Shop here for icing ingredients like meringue powder, high ratio shortening, dried egg whites, and more.
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